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Ordinance :- Amendment to Maharashtra Co-Op. Societies Act - Highlights:
Published By (Mohanraj ), Date (19 Feb 2013)
 Ordinance :-  Amendment to Maharashtra Co-Op. Societies Act - Highlights:

On Feb 14th, 2013, the long awaited Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act 1960 was amended vide an ordinance.

Societywiki welcomes this as a Liberation of Co-operative Housing Societies from the Draconian provisions of Appointment of Administrators.

This change was mandated by the 97th Constitutional Amendment, View   Gazette of 97th Constitutional Amendment. for details.


1. Active members. Active Member concept has been broughtin . Non-serious members  cannot participate in decision-making.

2. Power to expel Nnn Active  members..

3. No Administrators can be appointed for co-op housing societies where the Society has not taken any loan/ assistance from State Government. 

4. Legal Provision for  education & training to groom fresh leaders.

5. No more ignorant MC members. Managing Committee must attend regular training at least once in five years.

6. Grievance Redressal Mechanism. Resolve internal differences  through “Grievance Redressal Committee” consistng of three senior and impartial members of the Society .

7. Co-op. cours to encourage  compromise , and discourage litigation.

8. Mandate and power to get professionals’ help for CHS management. Adopt modern methods of management, record keeping etc. and stop being frogs in the well!

9. Strengthen Audit function. Duty of auditors, Registrar etc. to pinpoint responsibility for fraud and register FIR. Also, mandate for auditor to present audit findings including irregularities in every AGM. If they don’t, Auditors will be disqualified.

10. Realistic penalties for offences. Fine and prison sentences have been substantially increased.

11. Disqualification of errant MC members is now very easy, and much more long-lasting. Disqualified MC members will be debarred for contesting for 5 years.

12. State Election Authority to monitor elections closely. No more bullying by a small clique retaining power by token elections by show of hands etc!

13. AGM to be held by 30th of September each year. No provision for extention of time. No excuse for not not holding AGM in time. Not holding AGM is an offence.

14. Electronic Form of book keeping and record keeping recognised. Election also is made techno savvy.


... Many more path breaking Amendments.

... Read


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