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No AGM Extension for year 2020-21
Published By (Mangesh Raut), Date (03 Sep 2021)


(Liberal translation in line with notification issued by Co-operation Department, Mantralaya dated 3rd September, 2021)


Dear subscribers,


We would like to inform you that as per the circular issued by the department dated 3rd September, 2021, following are the guidelines for conducting the Annual General Body Meeting.


  1. In the state, the Department of Public Health and Revenue and with the guidelines strictly issued by the Forest Department from time to time, less than 50 members Co-operative Societies annual general meeting can be conducted in person.


  1. Co-operative Societies with more than 50 members should conduct Annual General Body Meeting  through VC or OAVM (Other Audio Visual Means) as per procedure laid down as mentioned below: -
    1. Arrangements should be made to inform every member of the society about the day, date, time, venue and link of the Annual General Meeting at least seven days in advance through SMS / eMail / Whatsapp.
    2. Notice of Annual General Meeting should be displayed on Society notice Board / Branch Offices of the Society (if applicable) etc.
    3. Members who do not have a mobile number or email address or contact. Delivery of information on the subject matter for the meeting should be send by letter within seven days. Responsibility will remain with the concerned co-operative society.
    4. All the Co-operative Societies advertise their annual General Meeting’s information after considering the working area of the society.  At Least One Local newspaper / One District level newspaper or one State level Marathi newspaper should be given in the Marathi or English newspaper. While advertising in the newspaper, following should be included:-

                                                        I.            By which Medium the Annual General Body Meeting will be hold by VC or Other Audio Visual Means.

                                                      II.            Date and time of the meeting.

                                                    III.            Details to be place where members have to register their email address or mobile numbers who have not registered their credentials with the co-operative Society should be mentioned.

  1. The Annual General Meeting of the Co-operative Societies to be conducted by the VC or Other Audio Visual Means by the concerned Co-operative Society.  Meeting should be conducted on their behalf by consulting expert members or by selecting an agency. 
  2. When selecting the agency, priority to be given to the agency which uses Marathi software.
  3. Attendance of members and proceedings at the Annual General Meeting has to be preserved.  It will be the responsibility of the concerned organization to preserve the records as per the prevailing provisions.
  4. By strict adherence to the above guidelines, the Co-operative societies to conduct its annual general meeting and act immediately.


  1. Co-operative Societies may call for a Special General Body meeting as per the guidelines issued vide notifications dated 25th February, 2021 and 8th March, 2021 through strict adherence.


  1. All the Co-operative Societies to hold their Annual General Body meetings as prescribed under section 75 of Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960.


The extension given in the circular dated 23rd March, 2021 regarding extension given for conducting Annual General Body meeting for the co-operative year 2019-2020 till 31st December, 2021 has been revoked by department vide circular dated 3rd September, 2021.


Therefore we are requesting all the managers / site staff to kindly arrange to conduct the 2019-2020 AGM as soon as possible.


Also the last date of holding Annual General Body Meeting for the year 2020-2021 will be 30th September, 2021.


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